How can we build common worlds
when we have different perspectives?

PARKOUR IN PANKOW is an initiative to create a completely new city map of Pankow, designed by its inhabitants. A city map that shows and visualizes what was, is and will be important to all of us. What places have significant stories for you? What places would you like to reimagine? 

Parkour in Pankow is an initiative to map the diverse stories taking place in our district. We propose to develop a method of participatory cartography to make the diverse perspectives of Pankow residents visible. This involves themes such as migration, memory, loss, multilingualism and feminism. Each theme is represented as a layer in the mapping. All these layers together form our Pankow city map. It also allows us to think about the future of our city together with the participants. Parkour in Pankow consists of:

1. Collection of stories: OPEN CALL > here <
2. Discussion groups: OPEN TALKS > here <
3. Online platform, audiotour & fanzine > here <
4. Textile Mapping > here <
5. Workshop cartography
> here <