Our multilingual publication (DE /EN /ES) of PARKOUR IN PANKOW

Design der Publikation: Wies Hermans

 PARKOUR IN PANKOW uses PARTICIPATORY CARTOGRAPHY AS A TOOL to make memories, conflicts and wishes of the Pankow residents visible. A tool that acknowledges the singular, and that at the same time promotes the communal.  We employ Participatory Cartography as a technology of resistance, by detaching ourselves from hegemonic (re)presentations and by creating our own.

NAMING AS A STRATEGY of political activism means occupying institutions, public, administrative, legal, and symbolic spaces, taking responsibility and to democratise more consistently. Naming from a collective perspective is the cornerstone for BUILDING THE COMMON.

“Today, it is a matter of making the common visible again, that is neither state nor private, in order to create an alternative cartography that does not divide life into spheres, that does not distance us from others or from nature. (…) To understand [the common] as a strong way of organising ourselves collectively, but not as an eternal pact that forces us to give up our unique and shared potential.”

Denise Najmanovich, 2021

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