A sound composition created by the artists Markus Posse and Genesis Victoria based on archive material from the interviews conducted in the year 2021 within the project PARKOUR IN PANKOW.

Markus Posse is a Berlin-based dramaturg, performer and artistic researcher. After studying scenic arts in Hildesheim, acting in Málaga and performance studies in Hamburg, he was involved in various theatre and performance projects at Kampnagel, Lichthof Theatre Hamburg, Theaterdiscounter Berlin and other venues. Currently Markus is working as a choreographer on the production Folkosis, which deals with the parallels between “crazy” and “traditional” bodies.

Genesis Victoria (they/them). Non-binary artist and researcher. Santiago, Chile (1989). Based in Berlin. Their artwork involves sound art and performance art as an interdisciplinary practice from a queer and transfeminist perspective.From diverse ways of experimentation, they explore the artistic possibilities of embodiments in the aesthetic flux. In real-time compositions, Génesis creates atmospheres overlapping senses, sound and materialities.