We are looking for participants to create a new city map for Pankow as part of a participatory art project.

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PARKOUR IN PANKOW is an art initiative to create a completely new city map for Pankow, designed by its residents.


Have you recently moved to Pankow and would like to network with your neighbours?
Have you lived in Pankow for a long time and have many stories/memories to tell?
Are you interested in discussing questions of participation in the
in the design of your area/neighbourhood?
Are you interested in artistic topics with a strong local connection?
Are you looking forward to an exchange in order to develop concrete proposals for Pankow?
Would you like to participate in a public exhibition?
Together we would like to explore the topics of:
„Multilingualism“, „Borders“, „Memory“ and „Future of the City“.


SprachCafé Polnisch  | Mondays | 4 & 5:30 p.m.
Stadtteilbibliothek Buch | Tuesdays | 4 & 5:30 p.m.
STZ im Turm Karow |Wednesdays | 1 pm
Bucher Bürgerhaus | Thursdays | 3 & 4:30 p.m.
KulturMarktHalle | Fridays | 2, 3:30 & 5 p.m.


OPEN CALL: The meetings in this format are individual. Each person must reserve a time slot in order to participate. A meeting lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The main goal is to create a personal mapping. To do this, we use a hybrid methodology developed especially for this project, which combines play and interview. We will together produce audiovisual material (video, audio, collage) as well as include personal objects or photos that the participants bring with them.


We will invite all participants of the OPEN CALL to create a collective cartography of Pankow. There will be an exhibition of the personal cartographies.

On 5 September at the KMH.
12 h Vernissage Cartographies
2-4 p.m. OPEN TALK
4 pm Music and drinks



Participation is free of charge and is funded by the programme Demokratie leben and Fonds Soziokultur.

In Cooperation with KulturMarktHalle, MigrartePeru, SprachCafé Polnisch,  Stadtteilbibliothek Buch, STZ im Turm KarowBUKA (Mamis en Movimiento) Bucher Bürgerhaus & Integrationsbeauftragten Pankow.

People of all ages with diverse ethnic, cultural, religious and social backgrounds are welcome – educational level, profession & previous experience do not matter! People with disabilities are welcome to participate in our workshops.

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